Zero accidents goal


Zero accidents goal

Hidroambiente, an Elecnor Group subsidiary, committed to the objective of zero accidents

As part of its Integrated Management System Policy, the Elecnor Group implements measures to eradicate accidents in the workplace as way to achieve its corporate goal of “zero accidents”. The organisation maintains its investment plan in order to improve all aspects of safety in workplaces. Among their objectives is for all this effort to be reflected in the health of more than 22,000 employees in over 50 countries.

Furthermore, in compliance with the guiding principles of its Integrated Management System, the Elecnor Group implements the following prevention measures:

  • Regulations and procedures for working safely, with precise, clear instructions regarding the different procedures for the execution of work and the company’s different operations.
  • Providing the staff with the necessary and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the different stages of work.
  • As part of its management policy, training is given to workers on the correct use of PPE and the procedures for working safely.
  • Information campaigns are conducted to improve health and safety, focusing on the prevention of accidents with the aim of raising awareness among the employees.
  • To ensure that all operations are performed in line with the standards and procedures, the organisation conducts ongoing inspections and audits of projects. Monitoring the results enables the appropriate corrective measures to be adopted and eradicates the risks that may cause accidents in the workplace.

Work-related risks on the road also represent an accident factor that may affect the collective’s safety. For this reason, the measures concerning the prevention of accidents at the Elecnor Group include a road safety improvement plan to safeguard the health of the professionals who provide services at the company. This plan includes the integrity of the fleet of vehicles, by guaranteeing the appropriate maintenance, as well as suitable training of the staff responsible for these units and for the execution of the different on-site tasks. A future without accidents is the Elecnor Group’s objective.